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Purified Silver for Health

Purified silver is used as a health remedy by millions of people around the world. Its main use is as an antibiotic, but today it is also incorporated into household products, cosmetics, and herbal remedies. Some take it internally while others use it topically, with many health advocates touting the benefits. 

Purified silver is created by chemically combining silver nanoparticles with purified water to create a solution that ensures the silver will not fall out of suspension. The particles are believed by some to be effective against pathogens by damaging the cell walls. The result is an effect similar to antibiotics without causing bacteria to mutate into a superbug. 

Antioxidant activity has been reported in a study using silver nanoparticles. In this study, it was found that using silver increased activity of the enzymes, catalase and superoxide dismutase. Both are important enzymes that helps combat oxidative stress. When left unchecked, oxidative stress can lead to numerous health issues. (1) 

Research also reports that silver nanoparticles are used in a wide applications including burn and wound treatment, as antimicrobials and to treat infections. The use dates back to ancient times, and medical uses indicate it is still a viable ingredient for many different remedies. 

Today, fans of purified silver as a home remedy still applaud the benefits. It is believed to include a number of health supporting advantages, and so advocates use it in many ways, such as: 

  • As an antibacterial that can mitigate harmful bacteria throughout the body 
  • As an antiviral, as it is believed to bind with virus molecules to inactivate them 
  • To destroy yeast and fungus 
  • To support the immune system, due to the antibacterial and antiviral activities 
  • Purified silver is used by people around the world every day to help with seasonal health challenges 
  • As an acne treatment in many holistic remedies  
  • Silver is used in eye drops to help clear bacteria 

Due to the many concerns of using silver in self-help remedies, manufacturers ensure they incorporate the safest methods for use and delivery. More studies are being done on the safety and effectiveness of silver, including a study that showed nanoparticles of silver did exhibit antimicrobial properties with fewer toxic side effects than another type of silver. (2) 


Thanks to modern technology combined with the test of time, purified silver is proving to be a product that may support health. This is why many today still look to silver for natural healing properties and kept in the home medicine cabinets of many health enthusiasts. Just like any supplement, follow the instructions for safest use and if you take medications always check with your doctor before using any supplement. 


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Cindy Papp B.Sc. Holistic Nutrition, C.C.T.

Cindy Papp


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