About us

About Us

Your Life Your Health

At Balanced Health we get it life is a crazy mad dash. We know what it means to wake up late for work and only have a cup of coffee for breakfast. We have forgotten to pack healthy lunch and opted for the fast food drive through. We have reached the end of the day heard our kids running around the house and been so exhausted we opted to order delivery pizza instead of making the home cooked meal we don’t have the energy to prepare. We get how the ideals health gurus are peddling every day feel out of reach. We know what is like to hear them tell us how wonderful it is to have six pack abs and limitless energy we just have to exercise hours and hours and eat like a rabbit. Balanced Health is here to help you fill some of those nutritional gaps.

Our goal is to help to create and encourage healthy living and lifestyles through Balanced Health supplements.   Our simple plant sourced non-gmo ingredients are blended and packaged in a trusted and FDA/USDA inspected facility.   

Join us on this journey of finding Balance in our lives. We know our amazing little supplement isn’t going to cure all that ails you. But maybe just maybe it can help you get a little closer to the health you want.  Let us help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.   

What Is Balanced Health?

What is Balanced Health? We believe ideal health is different for everyone. Balanced Health is the point where pleasure vs. future health meet. What would you give up for extra days and years of a healthy, active life? Would you give up an extra hour of sleep for better cardiovascular conditioning? Or, will you be willing to forgo small delights to be able to afford more organic, locally-sourced fruit and veggies? Balanced Health is about making the choices that you know to be right for you.

Life Health Balance is about creating pure, simple, healthy supplements and we can be your trusted source on your journey towards healthy living and a healthy lifestyle.