Kids Balanced Biome Probiotic Gummies


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Balanced Health Kids Balanced Biome™ Probiotic

  • NEW!  Kids Balanced Biome™ Probiotic gummy to support your gut flora for healthy gut and stronger immune system
  • DE111 2.5 billion probiotic strain is clinically show to enhance immune response
  • Supports healthy fat metabolism and urinary tract health.
  • A healthy gut can lead to a healthier immune system.   Which is a major part of your overall health.
  • Organic  Vegan, Gluten Free  30 Gummies – 30 Servings



  • Kids Balanced Biome™ contains clinically studied strain of probiotics on the market with 2.5 Billion CFU helps to support digestive function, immune system response and overall health.
  • Kids Balanced Biome™ is a probiotic that has been clinically shown to support healthy weight control and immune health by naturally boosting the beneficial bacteria or microflora in the gut.
  • Balanced Biome™ helps crowd out bacterial pathogens and help maintain gut flora. A healthy balance of microflora in the gut helps to support immune wellness and proper digestion.
  • Kids Balanced Biome™ has been shown to support healthy weight control by helping process fats in the digestive system.
  • Since 25% of immune cells reside in the gut it is important to have a healthy gut
  • Kids Balanced Biome™ with DE111 Bacillus Subtilis has been shown to be the superior probiotic with 2.5 Billion CFU.
  • By helping to support healthy fat metabolism Balanced Biome™ has been shown to help support healthy weight control.
  • Vegan friendly. No refrigeration needed since Kids Balanced Biome™ Probiotic is heat resistant.   Contains No gluten, wheat, nuts, soy, dairy, eggs.   Non-GMO.

Full Description:

Gut health is more important today than ever.   With 25% of immune cells live in the gut proper biome balance can help immune health, digestive health, and overall wellness.   Balanced Health Kids Balanced Biome™ Probiotic Gummies is a super charged probiotic with 2.5 billion CFU (colony forming units).

Our specific strains of probiotics, Bacillus Subtilis or DE111, has been clinically proven to help boost the immune system by crowding out harmful bacterial pathogens and communicate with intestinal cells to maintain the gut barrier function.  Kids Balanced Biome™, because of its tolerance to heat, can persist in the GI tract, increase its numbers and even re-sporulate allowing beneficial gut bacteria to thrive.   By supporting gut – digestive – health Kids Balanced Biome™ Probiotic aids with maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides.

Kids Balanced Biome™ supports proper metabolism of the components of fat.  By supporting normal breakdown of fat Kids Balanced Biome™ may help support healthy weight control.   The proper balance of the microflora in the digestive tract is essential to overall health.

Balanced Health Balanced Biome™ Kids Probiotic Gummy is a delicious combination of fruity flavors enhanced with Bacillus subtilis. With 2.5 billion CFUs of DE111, this probiotic dietary supplement will support exercise recovery, normal fat metabolism, and of course, healthy immune function. And when it tastes this good, you will be happy about adding this treat to your daily health regimen.

Kids Balanced Biome™ is free from artificial flavors and ingredients.   Our product is vegan safe and non-GMO.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Gummy

Servings Per Container: 30

INGREDIENTS per servingAmount per serving% DV
Total Carbohydrates3 g1 %
Sugar2 g
     Includes 2 g of Added Sugars4%
Sodium5 mg<1%
DE1118.33 mg
     (Bacillus subtilis)2.5 Billion CFU

Other Ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, organic evaporated cane sugar, natural flavors, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural color (black carrot), organic sunflower oil (contains carnaba wax) and corn starch.

Directions for Use

SUGGESTED USE: For adults and children over 4, take 1 gummy daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

CAUTION: Take only as directed. Do not exceed suggested dosage. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 or individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. This product may settle during shipping.
Natural colors will darken over time. This does not alter the potency of the product.  This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean shellfish.



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